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All these are written in black ink on rustic paper in Frodo's neat handwriting, sealed with red wax on envelopes he then entrusted to Galadriel.

Lady Galadriel )

Spike )

Bilbo )

Queen Anne Boleyn )
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Please leave any and all comments, questions and plot ideas, whatever, I'm easy! All screened so I can haz cookies to myself. I go by Hong Kong time (UTC+8).
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For still they speak not; men that I meet.

Names: Frodo Baggins (or Maura Labingi)
Titles: the Ring-bearer, Master of Bag End, Bronwe athan Harthad
Height: ~3'8"
Age: 50
Birthdate: Sept. 22, 1368 Shire Reckoning

Canon point: After Shelob's Lair
Loss: Ability to use objects to reach high places
Belongings: a hobbit-sized sword named Sting and the One Ring

I walked by the sea, and there came to me,
as a star-beam on the wet sand,
a white shell like a sea-bell;
trembling it lay in my wet hand.
In my fingers shaken I heard waken
a ding within, by a harbour bar
a buoy swinging, a call ringing
over endless seas, faint now and far.
Then I saw a boat silently float
on the night-tide, empty and grey.
'It is later than late! Why do we wait?'
I leapt in and cried: 'Bear me away!'
It bore me away, wetted with spray,
wrapped in a mist, wound in a sleep,
to a forgotten strand in a strange land.

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It is custom for the Dúnedain to turn their faces westward before meals, to Westernesse that once was. They bid us to do the same, and it reminded me of my home beyond the mountains; hobbits taking their elevenses in comfortable holes under hills.

I hope -- never to call it a once was but an always is.

[ Silence and a sigh as he recalls a funny thought. ]

My dear Sam said something about lettuce then, and something about rain. But sometimes these things slip my mind. Like rain on a wilted lettuce I think he said, like hope.


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